MEORO AVILES ABOGADOS , by letter at the beginning of April 2014. We had been unsuccessfully trying to get back our deposit from Playa Golf III ( SAN JOSE INVERSIONES) . This letter offered us her services to recover our money. We contacted her by email and accepted her help. Pilar immediately emailed back explaining the situation and asking us for certain documents to be sent. It was explained about the no win no fee, and about her fees if successful.

Pilar kept in constant contact with us via email keeping us updated at all times. At one point we had trouble getting the necessary information from our previous solicitors, but after a couple of emails this problem was solved.

On the 19th of November 2014 Pilar emailed us saying that the bank had accepted the Bank Guarantee and would return our capital but with only a small amount of interest. Pilar explained that we could go on to fight for the full interest, but was probably not in our interest to do so. We accepted what was offered. By the 28th November the money had been transferred to Alonso & Haro Solicitors and was then transferred to a Global Currency Exchange in England and changed to Stirling and was in our bank by 23rd December 2014. A nice Christmas present !

We cannot thank Pilar Alonso, Carlos Meoro and Paul Armstrong enough for all of their hard work and the prompt and efficient way they dealt with this matter.

With the greatest gratitude,

Susan & Keith Scrivin