We were recently contacted by Alonso Haro Solicitors – Meoro Aviles Abogados who advised us that they could recover money owed to us by Caja Murcia (covered by a bank guarantee) with no charge to us. We had given up all hope of ever retrieving this stage payment for a property on the now doomed Almanzora Country Club because the builders Huma Mediterraneo have gone into liquidation and over 9 years have now elapsed. Most importantly we had no bank guarantee in our possession. We were unsure whether it was a genuine offer or a scam to make us pay out more money for a lost cause. We gave all the information from Alonso & Haro to our own Spanish solicitor and asked her to investigate on our behalf. She reported back to us that it was a genuine offer and that we should book our flights to Spain as soon as possible. This we did and within about 2 hours of meeting Pilar Alonso Ruiz and Carlos Meoro Aviles we had been given 2 cheques, one for 100% of the money owed in the bank guarantee and the other for interest accrued which we very happily handed over to Alonso & Haro as their agreed fee. The whole process took less than a month from start to finish. We were astounded how quickly and smoothly it all happened and we are extremely happy to say that we are in receipt of the money and we would recommend Alonso & Haro to anyone who is owed money from failed off-plan property purchases in Spain.

From Leslie & Norma Brooker

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