“Like lots of other people, my husband and I lost a large sum of money from our intended purchase of a villa on the Almanzora Country Club site, which was not covered by a bank guarantee. Ten years later we had given up trying to recover this loss until, Alonso & Haro Solicitors S.L and MEORO AVILES ABOGADOS contacted us my letter explaining that they had been successful in recovering these funds for other clients and would like to act on our behalf. We were of course very cautious about this as you hear of unscrupulous people/organisations trying to access information, funds, etc. However, through visiting some websites and researching the company, as much as possible, we decided that we didn’t have anything to lose by allowing Pilar Alonso and her team to act on our behalf.

In order for them to do this, we were advised that we were required to acquire a Power of Attorney to allow these Solicitors to act on our behalf, which we did. A few months later, we now have a substantial part of the funds refunded to our bank account, without the case having to go to court and, the small amount outstanding, should be recovered in the future via a separate case. The Alonso and Haro jointly with MEORO AVILES ABOGADOS team have been emailing and phoning my husband and I throughout the process and we are extremely grateful to them for acting on our behalf. They work in a very professional but personal and friendly manner and are very good in explaining the process.

I would certainly recommend this company of solicitors if you have lost money through similar circumstances.

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