To any and all people who lost all hope of ever getting back your money from attempting to buy in Spain. We would like you to know that we have just received our full amount back with the help of Pilar Alonso and Carlos Meoro. We had no intention of ever fighting for our money as we had “no bank guarantee” and it seemed as though we would just loose even more in the fight. Then around six months ago we were contacted by Pilar who informed us that she would take up the claim, at no cost other than the interest that the money we had down would have accumulated.

So we decided to go for it, and now we have the full amount back in our bank. It still seems unreal to have it back! There was no fuss, we just had to sign over “power of attorney”. Pilar herself phone us up one evening to tell us that she had our money in her bank. Three days later we had it in our own bank! Needless to say we our over the moon with Pilar, Carlos and their team.

Don’t let the banks keep your money get started with your claim as soon as possible it is the real deal!

From Mr Atkins

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