On behalf of myself and Gerry we would both like to thank PILAR ALONSO and CARLOS MEORO for your superb help and assistance you gave us in recovering the money owed to us. We had almost forgotten about it as it was so long ago and we thought that any hope of recovering the money was not going to be possible because we had always been asked for money up front from a couple of other Solicitors in the region of 3000 euros with no guarantees. We are so pleased that you approached us offering your assistance in the recovery at no cost and I can confirm that our money is now in our UK bank account and as you can imagine we are extremely happy. We know that there are many more people who are in the same position as we were and probably have the same doubts as we did so please let them know that we are more than happy to talk to anybody to give them some re-assurance Once again we are so grateful to you and Carlos for your help, thank you both so much.

Linda Dunbar.

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