I investing in an off plan property in Spain back in 2005. Unfortunately, a dispute between the land developer and the local council led to lengthy delays and then in 2007 the global financial down turn hit. The land developer went bust and more than £30000 was gone.

I came across Pilar Alonso and her legal firm in 2014 and they made the best offer I had received in helping me to get my money back from the bank that had provided the original guarantee. After two years of waiting I finally got my money back 11 years later.

I can’t thank Pilar and Carlos Meoro enough for the excellent work they did to represent me. The deal I reached with Pilar and her firm was they would keep the interest on my investment. I would recommend Pilar and her firm to anyone who was in the situation I found myself in. They will get your money back.

Thank you Pilar

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