We are one of the many couples that invested in the ill-fated Almanzora Country Park. We fought for a long time to retrieve the money that we had invested in a property. We won our original case in the Spanish courts but were still left empty handed and did not get back any of our investment. We had resolved ourselves to the fact that we would never see any of our money again.

We were then approached by PILAR ALONSO and her colleagues at ALONSO& HARO SOLICITORS – MEORO AVILES ABOGADOS with an opportunity to claim back our original deposits that had been lodged with a Spanish bank. We were sceptical and initially reluctant to accept their offer. However after speaking with them and realising that we had all to gain and very little else to lose we accepted their offer to work on our behalves and fight against the bank.

We are now in a position where we have received into our bank account our original deposits on the property. We cannot thank Pilar and her colleagues enough for the efforts they have made on our behalves and I would strongly recommend that anyone who is in a similar position to ourselves, to listen very carefully to the proposal being offered to them. I am glad that we did.

Pilar, I would also like to say a very big thank you for you work in securing us our deposits back, you will not know the difference this has made to our lives and I can tell you that we are eternally grateful to you.

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