My wife and I spent many years trying to get back money that had been stolen from us by a Spanish bank and builder.

Having paid thousands of euros to three solicitors and a barrister they, in my opinion, let us down badly, no money back.

We won the court case and the judge never even mentioned our name. Again no money. My opinion of the Spanish legal system could not have been lower.

Out of the blue Pilar Alonso rang me and promised she would get my money back. I told Pilar that I had heard it all before and that l didn’t believe her.

I took some convincing but agreed to let her act on my behalf.

I said that unless she got my money back, l would not pay one cent. Pilar promised she would and she did. She got it all back.

I’m still not sure my faith in the Spanish legal system has been restored fully but I do trust Pilar and her colleagues.

They have achieved what we never thought was possible.

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