After 11 years and two court wins against HUMA, we where told by the solicitors that we had that you have won but sorry you have got no chance of getting any money back. We pulled ourself’s together and we tried very hard not to talk about it as we thought it had gone,and our dreams and savings with it.

When we got a letter from ALONSO HARO SOLICITORS (MEORO AVILES ABOGADOS), we thought this was a scam. I was not at all interested and 3 weeks went by, then my wife said that we didn’t have nothing to lose as we have all ready said the money was gone. So I started to investigate AH Solicitors what I found out we said that we would get in touch with Pilar Alonso. We decided to give it a go but no money would change hands as we had already lost money. It was very tense all the bad memories came flooding back.

It took 2 years but we have got all out money back less the interest that we agreed with Pilar. The money was paid through Global exchange straight in to our bank account.

Thank you to Pilar and Carlos and all the team AH Solicitors

Mr and Mrs Southam

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