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We are a Spanish property solicitors, owned and run by Pilar Alonso Ruiz, and was established more than ten years ago. The firm has offices in Cartagena and Manchester UK, which means that they can offer a face to face consultation in either country. So if you are looking for a highly qualified Spanish solicitor in the UK then AH Solicitors will exceed your expectations.  The company deals with all aspects of Spanish real estate law and has considerable experience in this area. Pilar is fluent in both Spanish and English, and the company specialises in the legal interest of English speaking clients across Europe who have  invested their money in Spain and have been let down by  Spanish builders and banks.


Alonso Haro Solicitors are partnered with MEORO AVILES ABOGADOS, a dynamic, enthusiastic, and experienced law firm with offices also in Spain.

In 2007 at the beginning of the economic crisis and in light of the many property investment legal problems that arose soon after, ALONSO HARO partnered with MEORO AVILES ABOGADOS in order to be able to offer advice in areas such as; Debt collection law, Bankruptcy law, Creditors debtor rights law, and Civil law. MEORO AVILES ABOGADOS is based in MURCIA, on the Mediterranean Coast, which is an area severely affected by the financial crash.

The firm has offices in Manchester in a convenient and well appointed location and can provide one to one consultation if you have a Spanish property and require legal assistance. Whether you are looking for help regarding deposit recovery or conveyancing, here at AH Solicitors we do it all.

The owner of MEORO AVILES ABOGADOS is CARLOS MEORO AVILES, also a qualified Spanish lawyer who studied in MURCIA LAW UNIVERSITY. He and his team, jointly with ALONSO HARO SOLICITORS are setting important precedents by virtue of their successes representing client in Court Cases initiated to recover investments and debts in Spain.

These two specialist spanish property solicitors are managing to ensure that banks, up to now unpunished, repay the guaranteed investment even when the builder has been declared bankrupt. Because of their demands and successes it is no longer an excuse for the bank not to pay the creditors of failed businesses just because the builder is bankrupt or the bank guarantee has expired.

“A bank guarantee only expires when the building is complete and legally handed over or that the said guaranteed has been lost.”

Even if a bank guarantee was not issued it is not an excuse for the  bank to refuse repayment of investment because Spanish law protects investors who buy property in Spain. Under the law 57/68, banks and builders are required to sign contracts where the funds transferred must be guaranteed.

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