Where to reside in Spain if you’re British

Britain is the third most populated country in Europe with about 63.8 million people living within its borders. However, it is not even in the top ten when it comes to land area in Europe.

Spain, on the other hand, has a huge land area of nearly 500,000 square kilometres as compared with Britain’s 244, 820 square kilometres. A lower population with a huge land area makes Spain an especially attractive destination for many British citizens. In fact, the number of migrants from Britain to Spain keeps on increasing by the day. In 2014, over 300,000 British expats were living in Spain, making Spain one of the largest hosts of a British population outside the UK. Other estimates by the BBC put this figure at 761,000 British citizens in the country.

Brits living in areas of Spain seem to favour three main areas i.e. the Valencian Community, Andalusia, and the Canary Islands.

Valencian Community


The Valencian Community offers a lot to Britons who migrate there; it has a mild climate influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, and a huge urban population, making it easy for Britons to meet people from all over Spain and Europe. It is also good as a strategic business location as 12% of the exports in Spain come from this community. From here, Britons can set up export businesses in ceramic tiles, cars, marble products, and agricultural goods. Currently, the Valencian Community plays hosts to about 79 thousand Brits.


Andalusia is also a unique location for many British citizens. In fact, this community hosts about 77,500 Britons. Andalusia has a rich history dating back to the Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, and Visigoths. This heritage provides Britons with an ample choice when it comes to visiting historical sites or setting up tourism businesses.

Currently, British citizens represent 15.25% of all the foreigners in Andalusia. That means that retiring in such an environment would be a good idea. A retiree would benefit from the company of his fellow Britons when they miss the UK; they would spend the rest of their time enjoying the company, culture, and hospitality of the people of Andalusia.

Canary Islands


The Canary Islands is a dream come true for many Britons seeking to retire in peace and tranquillity. Many Brits expatriates who just want to work in a different environment also favour this destination. Currently, this archipelago has 26 thousand Britons.

It has a rich history with various empires such as the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Carthaginians, and the Castilians dominating it at various times in history. The economy is also booming because of the tourists it attracts each year with more than 12 million people visiting these islands annually.

The Canary Islands are also rich in terrestrial wildlife and marine life. Truly, it is a beautiful place for British expatriates, retirees, or tourists.

Brits living in areas of Spain other than these areas are also doing well. In fact, regions of Spain with a population of more than 10,000 Brits apart from those mentioned above include Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. You should consider moving to Spain. The cost of living and healthcare is low. Additionally, the country offers you beauty and sunshine.

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